Why You Need Comprehensive Insurance

October 05, 2017

Why You Need Comprehensive Insurance?

Why You Need Comprehensive Insurance - If you want a flexible auto insurance coverage which also provides you with much value without need to pay high cost, then the answer is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance is great because it protects you from many types of physical damages in your vehicle. The comprehensive coverage had been featured with different names that can be used as the stand alone coverage for your car or combination between other coverage as well. There are several common names for comprehensive coverage, they are: fire and theft, comp, storage insurance and other than collision.

Why You Need Comprehensive Insurance
Why You Need Comprehensive Insurance

How much it cost?

For average driver, comprehensive insurance usually provide you with affordable coverage. Of course, it can be varied per vehicle and driver, but for all of you get, it completely worth. Even the windshield replacement can spend hundred dollars and cracked windshields were so common. You are able to contact you insurance company in order to help you review the benefit of this comprehensive coverage as well. Of course, it saves up more money than the car expenses.

When you are able to add comprehensive coverage?

The collision coverage can be added in your auto policy without having the comprehensive coverage listed on it. However, the comprehensive coverage is typically can be added in your auto policy without the collision coverage. Comprehensive is a good choice for those who want protection but does not want to pay off the full coverage.

The comprehensive insurance also can be used as the good way t protect your vehicle while it was in storage as well. If you don’t drive you car for long time, you may be interesting to find out that this coverage also provide you with physical damage protection while it was parked as well. So, if there is something happen in your car while it was not being driven, comprehensive coverage will provide you with the cost of repair minus in your deductible. So, you can save up more cash by paid off the liability coverage and only having the comprehensive insurance.

What are covered in comprehensive insurance? 

  • Animal accident

One of the most common for comprehensive claim is the deer accident. It will cover any animal; however it will be limited to raccoons, birds and dog. 
  • The hail damage

Hail is able to strike without any sign and sometimes it cannot be parked in your garage. The comprehensive coverage will protect you with all those hail damage. 
  • The stolen car

If your car is theft or had been missing over than 30 days, comprehensive coverage will pay you in actual cash value of your missing car that also minus in your deductible. 
  • Fire damage

Fire can cause extreme damage toward your vehicle. Whether that fire was related with your engine or other factors, it will cover your vehicle. 
  • Flood damage

If the water is rise into incredible height, the comprehensive coverage will dry your vehicle. Even it does not only flood, it also including of other natural disaster.
  • Falling object

 If you find out that you car is smashed by falling object, you insurance company will pay for repairs in comprehensive insurance.
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