Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetes

August 27, 2017

Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetes

Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetes - Have you been searching for life insurance for type 2 diabetes? Well, there is one thing you should know. This particular type of insurance has different policy than the usual life insurance due to different circumstances. Therefore, it is important to you to let the insurance companies know about the exact life insurance you are looking for. Even though you have certain health conditions but should not have any concern about it.

Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetes
Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetes

Usually, some providers are even willing to underwrite your application when you can provide the latest HbA1c readings. But if the companies are not willing to do it, you can have your GP to make contact with the insurance companies to provide additional information. In case it is your first time applying for such insurance, it is actually the standard process. Indeed, it can be your advantage because the companies have detailed information about your health condition to help determining the right insurance policy for you.

Here is one thing you need to know. Even your type 2 diabetes condition cannot prevent you from getting accepted at normal terms. In other words, you can get insurance as good as the usual health insurance. Usually, to be qualified for this kind of insurance, there are some requirements for you to fulfill. For instance, you need to be more than 50 years old and diagnosed of type 2 diabetes for less than five years. You also need to have excellent health.

Critical Illness Cover

Recently, it is quite common to find people with type 2 diabetes having the Critical Illness policies. In order to get this kind of policy, you need to fulfill some requirements for the applications. The insurance company for instance, needs to be contact your GP for detailed additional information. Other categories that you have to fulfill include: having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes no more than 15 years, having less than 8% on HbA1c readings, being a non smoker, having normal urinalysis test, and having no associated conditions like circulation, heart, kidney and eye problem. It may be a bit more difficult to get this insurance policy, if you meet the requirements, you should try applying for it.

Benefits of Life Insurance Type 2 Diabetes

Of course, it is essential to figure out the benefits of life insurance type 2 diabetes before you purchase the insurance and pay for the premiums. Since the policies are tailored according to your condition, this insurance is certainly a much better option. When it comes to the advantages, there are so many for you to get. But the benefits are not the only things because there are also numerous rewards. For instance, you can get discount on the premiums. Certain companies even offer annual cashback rewards under certain circumstances.  Other rewards include free weight watchers, free Starbucks coffee, free cinema tickets, Apple Watch 2, discount for running shoes, discount for Ocado healthy food, discount for British Airways and more. With these interesting rewards, it should be giving you enough reason to start searching for life insurance type 2 diabetes right now.
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