Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and What You Can Get From It

August 08, 2017

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and What You Can Get From It

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and What You Can Get From It - When you apply for car insurance, there are many things that you need to considerate. One of them is the coverage you can get from the insurance product. Coverage is the protection that you will get when you apply for that insurance. And, there are many different coverage types that you can find on auto insurance. One of them is comprehensive coverage.

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

If we talk about comprehensive insurance coverage, we talk about protection that has the real practice to protect your car from many different accidents. The accident that covered by this coverage isn’t the collision when you drive your car. However, it’s more like the damage that can make your car lose its value. For example, if your car has become the victim of vandalism or there is nature disaster that damages your car, like flood or tornado, they are the accident that will be covered by this insurance coverage.

If we have to list few causes that can damage your car, which covered by comprehensive insurance, here are some of them:

  •     Theft, if you lose your car because someone stole it
  •     Vandalism, like someone damage your car or paint it
  •     Fire, either because of someone else or your car
  •     Natural disaster
  •     Falling object, usually tree
  •     Animal, which usually can happen if you live near forest where there are wild animal that came out to resident area and make contact with people that live there,
  •     Civil disturbance, such as riot and other.

If we look at accident in the list above, we can say that this coverage is like liability insurance. Therefore, you can ease your mind, once you have car insurance with this coverage. However, like mentioned earlier, this coverage won’t protect your car from few things below:

  • Collision with other car
  • Damage because the collision
  • Your medical expense, which usually covered on some of auto insurance product that has one package that can protect you as passenger or driver along with your car, like life insurance, when involving in accident.

Why You Need to Buy Insurance with Comprehensive Coverage

There are many benefits you can get from using auto insurance with this coverage, such as:

  • It will be really useful for you who rent your car. By having this coverage, it can protect your car from many incidents, when your car is rented.
  • You can protect your car value, especially if your car is old enough. It will need lot of money, when something happen on your car that can damage your car.

Basically, by having comprehensive insurance coverage for your car, you can save more money and protect your car from many accidents that you never thought it will happen. However, if you want to get the best coverage from this comprehensive insurance, you need to find auto insurance provider that can be trusted and reliable. Usually, their product will cover more than you can find on the standard or usual car insurance product you can find out there.
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