The reasons in choosing car insurance and auto insurance

July 06, 2017

The reasons in choosing car insurance and auto insurance

The reasons in choosing car insurance and auto insurance - Buying car insurance at a vehicle insurance company is an important thing to consider. There are many benefits that can be gained from the use of such insurance, especially if the car is purchased with difficulty and become one of your valuable asset goods.
Although, the car price is high, but a slight damage to the car will lower the selling price of the car. Surely you do not want to suffer a doubled loss, already paying a cheap reparation fee, still have to bear the losses of the selling price of the car. That's why vehicle insurance is needed.
The reasons in choosing car insurance and auto insurance
The reasons in choosing car insurance and auto insurance

It is not easy to choose the appropriate types and insurance products. But if you understand the rules and needs, then you can determine the right type of insurance. Let's say for a car that is purchased in new conditions, it is advisable to use all risk insurance that includes greater losses, although the premium paid is also more expensive. However, the price is appropriate for the risks that may be faced.
Unlike if the car purchased is a used car with usage above 3 years, maybe enough with TLO insurance. Because the price of the car with the amount of premium to be paid is not comparable, unless you have your own consideration of the value of the car.

Reasons to Buy Car Insurance

1.     Motor vehicles, especially cars are expensive luxury goods. Surely this thing becomes a valuable asset of the family. To protect the value of this asset, it is necessary to buy insurance that can compensate if in case of a disaster in your car.
2.     The cost of reparations. For example, the car crashed and suffered severe damage. Certainly, the car must be taken to the garage to fix the damage. However, the cost of repairs also replacement of vehicle spare parts is quite expensive. In fact, there are parts of the car worth millions of dollars if it will replace.
3.     The amount of the cost of reparation is certainly a burden for the owner. If using vehicle insurance, especially the type of all-risk then you no longer need to bother with the cost of repair. Simply pay 300,000 rupiahs per incident, the rest of the repair cost will be claimed on the insurance side.
4.     There are many risks that can happen to the car. You never know the calamity that will befall you, including accident or loss. Especially with the condition of the streets are jammed every day, increasing the possibility of a broken car or hit by a car behind. Surely need to protect the condition of the car from the losses that can occur at any time.
5.     Creating comfort for yourself. Not always living financially well. Sometimes it has receded. What happens if the car is severely damaged, while the savings are thinning and you have no more money to fix the car? Though the car is the main vehicle to deliver you work.

6.     The existence of car insurance will ease your burden and do not have to worry about the cost of repairs that occur due to accidents. The mind becomes more comfortable and calm.
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