Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

July 10, 2017

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance - Comprehensive General Liability insurace or can be called as CGL guarantees legal liability to third parties in the event of Personal Injury and / or Property Damage occurring during the policy period caused by an event or event in respect of the business or activity of the Insured as well as legal costs in respect of such matters.

CGL Guarantees are not limited to company or industry activities within the Public Liability but can also be extended to include products that are marketed to consumers (Products Liability). CGL is designed to provide comprehensive protection and is automatically equipped with the necessary expansion clauses with readable and understood wordings.
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Potential Claims
Along with increasing individual awareness as well as public understanding of their rights under applicable law and legislation, in the event of any inconvenience and or loss imposed by an enterprise or industry activity, the public will tend to exercise their rights to demand legally.
Not to mention when it comes to Products, consumer awareness of the rights to get a good quality product is irrevocable, the Consumer Protection Act and other laws and regulations reward high consumer rights.

Confronted with the legal process is not an easy matter and certainly not a cheap matter, as it is known that legal proceedings can take a long time starting from the level of summations, the Court of the Republic of Indonesia, the appeal level in the High Court and not infrequently should proceed to the level of appeal and review in the Supreme Court.
You can imagine how much it costs to pay for court fees, attorney’s fees, consultants not to mention the cost of compensation to pay for loss of property let alone concerning the soul of a person.

Anyone who needs CGL?
1.     Almost all people or activities require CGL protection, ranging from the Legal Responsibility of a person as the owner or resident of the House of Residence, shopkeeper, Restaurant, Office, Hotel, Apartment manager, Mall, to Industrial or Manufacturing activities, and so forth.
2.     Owners of Buildings for example must be responsible for activities or activities that take place in the environment surrounding communities.
3.     Industrial or Manufacturing Activities shall be responsible not only limited to the industrial activities they undertake in premises but also to the products produced, not to incur any harm to consumers, such as the danger of poisoning, disability or death.
4.     Manufacturers or suppliers of raw materials (raw material) is also inseparable from legal liability to third parties that may be caused by defects of materials or materials.
5.     Children's toy makers are one example of an industry that is in great need of Product Liability Insurance to convince consumers that the resulting product is non-toxic, does not cause health problems so it is safe for children.
6.     Service and maintenance service company, Car Repair, Laundry, Catering and so on all need CGL protection

How to Get CGL?

To get CGL protection is very easy, prospective insured enough to complete the Proposal Form, which contains information about the company's data, turn over, product data produced and the required limit of liability.
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